I made a trip to the local thrift store today for some inspiration and tools. I had in mind that I wanted to use a television (I considered taking out the tube and modding it into a bookshelf) and came upon this really cool, old TV (1984). Wanting to stick with my idea of re-engineering a television’s use both physically and mentally, I decided I would plant it in the middle of a rock garden nearby and turn it into a mini Zen garden.


1 $6 TV from the thrift store
1 small bag of kids play sand
1 small dowel rod
A rock garden
A couple small rocks from the garden
Superglue, saw, electrical cord


I cut the dowel rods and super glued them real quick to make the rake, dumped the sand out so it sits right on top of the glass, plugged in the TV to a nearby outlet, and hid the cord under the rocks below the TV. I really like how the light from the TV shows through, so I didn’t try to hide it. Admittedly it calmed me down after getting everything ready on the 5-in-5 website this morning.