Interactive Installations

2014, 2017

Students create site-specific pieces of Art using physical computing technology.

Given the opportunity to sense its environment, a piece of Art becomes an experience of light, sound, movement, behavior, and interaction.

We explore this audience/user relationship using multiple physical and software.


Create a temporary installation in a specified area using only a DMX light, fabric or other fiber materials, and found objects.


DMX lighting + motion graphics. @anthreat @thetroyperry @grandpainteractivity #dmx #light #lights #kcai #projection #thirsty #vaporwave #plants #plant

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Thirsty by Anthony Bennet and Troy Perry (2017) and Untitled by Zane Smith (2017)

Create a site-specific piece using a classic toy or game as your inspiration.
Below: Multiplexed Manifold (A remix of the game/toy Simon)