Toolbox for Coding I

Course Overview
Students learn the fundamental aspects of coding by using software created specifically for artists and designers to quickly realize their intentions without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Multiple applications will be studied, creating a “toolbox” of coding knowledge for students to use seamlessly throughout their projects.


Topics and Languages
Non­linear Story Programming
Basics of Computer Programming
Processing (JAVA, Javascript, R, REPL)
Block and Node (Max)
VPL (Twine)
Time­based (Animate)


Make: Getting Started With Processing
by Ben Fry and C.E.S. Reas

Program or Be Programmed

by Douglas Rushkoff

Program or Be Programmed:

Study Guide (free ebook)

Code a script that creates 2D shapes on a screen that are interactive. When a button (such as the mouse) is pressed, save a file. Find a piece of material and have the file laser engraved or cut at the fab lab.