Spring Workshops

Projection Mapping

Spring 2016


Description: Starting with the very basics of electronics, this course will give students the skills and tools necessary to begin creating hardware-based sculptures that have the ability to detect and change according to external inputs.

Brain Dump

Brain Dump

Description: 21 students creating 5 projects per week for one month, including a culminating exhibited final piece. 441 fully documented projects available at http://failoften.tumblr.com

What’s in a Name

Description: This workshop will dive in to how presentation can truly make or break your audience’s perception of a work of Art. Foci will be on display, titles, documentation, 2D and 3D expression through presentation, color theory, and Artist talks. Projects: Each week a new […]

Interactivity and Art

Description: The ability for your passive viewer to become an active user is the focus of this workshop. Utilizing the Adobe software program Flash, we’ll take a look at creating time-based animation pieces as well as fully interactive, non-linear works for use on the computer […]


Description: A look at the Internet and modern technology’s effect on copyright, piracy, Art theft, remixing, mash-ups, unique thought, and artistic appropriation.


Description: Every generation of artists uses their childhood surroundings as fodder for their adult artistic endeavors. 8-Bits will look at the aesthetic choices game and sound designers made during the early stages of console and arcade gaming as inspiration for their own work. This is […]