School of the Foundation Year

The foundation program is the first year of the undergraduate curriculum that brings freshman into broad-based, studio-intensive investigations in perceptual and intellectual studies. The active climate of Foundation is an immersive, transformative experience that nurtures your abilities and challenges your preconceived ideas and attitudes towards creativity.

Our 16,000 square-foot studio facility dedicated solely to freshman is the ideal place to grow and interact with gifted people of diverse backgrounds who learn to excel through independent and collaborative projects. You are closely mentored by our full-time faculty to develop the skills, attitudes, and philosophies needed to confidently pursue your artistic goals across all media and absorb yourself in the pursuit of creative excellence.

Foundation Studio

As a student, when you enter these yellow doors, you are stepping into a professional design studio. In the fall semester studio course, students begin developing a vocabulary that is rooted in visual experience. Students learn to intellectually reason, to transcend their observations, and to link verbal and visual ideas as they witness the enjoyment of creating visual expression. Students work with one instructor throughout the semester; this mentor helps students to understand critiquing processes and self-reflection. Students encounter a range of creative challenges, including perceptual drawing, 2-D design, 3-D form investigation and time-based and mixed media investigations as avenues of communication and expression.

Spring Workshops

Building on strengths and accomplishments of the fall, the spring semester presents students with entirely new learning structures. The spring semester is divided into three sequenced, five-week workshops that focus on intellectual, imagistic and process-based learning platforms. This offers students the opportunity to choose their individual paths of inquiry based on self-assessed needs and educational interests. Examples of recent workshops include Chromatic Constructions, The Woven Self, Meta-making, and Butoh and the Expressive Figure.