Interactive Arts

KCAI’s innovative program in interactive arts views technology as a medium for artistic expression. With a range of electives, students are given the opportunity to integrate and experiment with digital and traditional media to produce engaging works.

Using emerging technology as the backbone of creation, students become versed in software coding, physical computing and sensors, performance, games and play mechanics, rapid prototyping, user testing and experiential design.

I serve as the core instructor for the Interactive Arts program. IA currently has 8 majors and, including open electives, 45 separate students from every department across campus.

These students continue to apply their skills within IA and across disciplines and inspire those around them.

In addition to teaching (see below for information on courses taught), I am involved in or manage many other aspects of the program. This includes:


  • Designing and implementing new courses
  • Managing catalog information and updates
  • Collaborating with other faculty who teach in IA to ensure a cohesive experience for students
  • Ensuring that some IA courses can be worthwhile electives for non-majors
  • Teaching overload as needed
  • Managing and testing current inventory, including creating an online database to track student equipment check-out
  • Identifying needs for new purchases (including virtual reality, micro controllers, projection, and other technology; books and media resources; general classroom and student needs)
  • Close work with department chair to remain within budget restrictions
  • Knowledge of and involvement with fab lab resources
Community outreach
  • Fostering relationships with local individuals and entities
  • Developing internships for students
  • Connecting with professionals and artists in the area as potential instructors
  • Representing the IA program within the city
Other program management
  • Overseeing end of semester shows
  • Identifying and bringing in three instructors who have taught or will be teaching in the program