Interactive Arts

Including the curriculum development, I have been in charge of the acquisition of new equipment (including VR, microcontroller, projection and other technology, books and media, as well as general classroom and student needs), testing and maintenance of equipment, outreach and support with Beals Studio and Media Center, end of semester exhibitions, catalog and website revisions, re-branding, continued overload semesters (teaching in Foundation SP15), and locating three instructors that have (or will be) teaching in the program. In its first year, we have 5 IA majors and multiple students from other departments continuing to take IA electives. These students continue to spread their skills in their own work and inspire those around them.

KCAI’s innovative program in interactive arts views technology as a medium for artistic expression. With a range of electives, students are given the opportunity to integrate and experiment with digital and traditional media to produce engaging works.

Using emerging technology as the backbone of creation, students become versed in software coding, physical computing and sensors, performance, games and play mechanics, rapid prototyping, user testing and experiential design.