Professional Development

In my field, almost nothing is as important as being up to date.  It is critical that I continually immerse myself in new developments, both in a theoretical and a hands-on basis.  Professional development may come in many forms, but the goals are consistent: to be knowledgeable enough that I can continue to produce work that is relevant, and to be able to lead my students on the various paths they choose to take as they integrate technology and interactivity into their work.  This page includes efforts to continually learn and apply.


Grants and Residencies

2017              KCAI Faculty Development Grant
Funds for drone research and training
2015              KCAI Faculty Development Grant
Surveillance equipment for interactive installations
2013              KCAI Faculty Development Grant
DIY 3D printer equipment
2011-2012    Charlotte Street Foundation Residency
Urban Culture Project Residency Program
Kansas City, MO

Curriculum Work / Courses Developed:

Courses currently in catalog:
IARTE 205 Rapid Prototyping
IARTE 215 Introduction to Interfaces
IARTE 240 Toolbox for Coding I
IARTE 270 Basics of Interactivity
IARTE 290 Toolbox for Coding II
IARTE 310 Dynamic Audio and Visual Exploration
IARTE 330 Designing for Experiences
IARTE 360 Virtual and Augmented Realities
IARTE 370 Interactive Installations
IARTE 380  Making Interactive Objects


Courses that are no longer offered:
Movement by Gesture
Storytelling in the Fifth Dimension
History of Technology in the Arts


  • FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program – Webinar (2017)
  • KC Tech Week (2017)
  • SXSW – Attended the Interactive section of South by Southwest (2015)
  • Restoration Arts – Breakout Session Presenter (2014)
  • FATE – Attended Foundations in Art: Theory and Education Conference (2011)
  • Ignite NYC by O’Reilly – Presenter (2010)

Self-taught skills

The following are skills that I have learned by informal processes including watching videos, reading, and trial-and-error:
  • Drone flying and photography
  • DMX stage lighting
  • Coding languages
    • Python
    • p5.JS
    • Max
    • Quartz Composer
  • 360 and VR photography
  • Projection mapping
  • Video and file conversion tools
  • 3D Printing
  • Laser-cutting and etching
  • Game design and development
  • Home automation
  • Wireless HDMI
  • FM transmission
  • Self publication
  • Current audio and video transmission standards


Learned within last 3 years.

  • 3D and Modeling:
    • Cura
    • MakerBot
    • SketchUp
    • Kinect
    • PeasyCam
  • Audio/Video:
    • Audacity
    • Audio Hijack
    • Resolume Arena
    • Vezer
    • CamTwist
  • Programming Environments:
    • Stencyl
    • Atom
    • Github
    • IDLE
    • Scratch
    • Twine
    • Fritzing
    • Visual Studio Code
    • Max
  • Print, Presentation, and Prototyping:
    • MindNode Pro
    • Flinto
    • Stack
    • Slack
    • OBS
    • Black Magic Capture
    • Game Capture HD
    • Screen Flow
  • Screen Capture and Networking:
    • TeamViewer
    • MPEG StreamClip
    • Syphon
    • MyDMX 3
    • OSCulator
  • Adobe Creative Cloud:
    • Animate (transitioned from Flash)
    • Media Encoder
    • After Effects
    • Premiere