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David epitomizes the next wave of new media, applying philosophical and creative intuition to Internet culture and business. We both did our undergraduate studies at PLNU, but in separate departments and for separate degrees. Although an unlikely affiliation, the fact that we have not worked directly together is only a testament to the profound inspiration his creativity, intelligence and work ethic have on all those around him. In addition to being former classmates, we both had the opportunity to teach at our Alma Madder for the Department of Art and Design in 2005. During his tenure there, David incorporated new technologies and practices into his curriculum, which added invaluable currency to his coursework. This freshness translates over to his design elements—as witnessed in more recent projects such as and that incorporate everything from Mobile technologies to Social Media into purposeful artistic exploration. In this day and age of media over-saturation, where any and every one can present themselves to the online world as a writer, thinker, photographer, artist or designer, David stands above the dust-bowl of web groupies as a truly unique creator. His imaginative, inquisitive approach to his work is highly contagious!

Krista Leitzke, Product Marketing Manager at DivX, LLC

David is a great graphic designer and programmer who knows what he is doing. He has the knowledge and experience to get it done. I would definitely work with David again in the future.

Rami Waiche, Web Designer, MEA Digital

David was wonderful, an excellent communicator, and very knowledgeable. Great class… [NYU] needs great instructors like him.

Former Student, NYU ’09

As a fellow student, David brought a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm to class. His critical skills were excellent when discussing other students’ work. His comments were helpful and direct. David also added value to discussions by being articulate and insightful. His background as an instructor was evident in his presentations or when he led discussions. The work David accomplished alone and in a group was outstanding. Quite often, his unique perspective added a delightful element to his projects. Additionally, David showed his ability to act as a leader in collaborative projects. He was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him for any project.

Corey Menscher, CTO, The Daily Beast

David is a gifted designer who wants to make a difference. His creatively is matched by his organized, collaborative and good spirited nature. His love for art and design have become intertwined with his passion for psychology, sociology, philosophy and theology which has made anything that he creates very dynamic.

David Kietzman, AKDESIGN

While a student at Point Loma Nazarene University David explored the boundaries between social, religious, ethnic and political perspectives. Through exploring these boundaries in the public arena, David opened conversation about global and local issues in a way that encouraged others to expand their thoughts and experiences.

I heartily recommend David as a creative and dedicated student of art. He can clearly communicate through personal interaction as well as various forms of media.

Jeffrey Purganan, Senior Pastor at New Life Church of the Nazarene

David is a highly creative graphic artist and designer who is able to quickly grasp what the client is trying to achieve overall and in specific detail. He has both the artistry to create and the skill to execute projects to the client’s satisfaction.

Scott Scholler, CEO, Vinc Corporation

David is one of the most talented designer and developers I have had the pleasure to work with. With David on the team there is no question about the project getting done.

Frank Duran, Manager of Web Development, MEA Digital

I highly recommend David Overholt, who was a student in my Media Architecture at NYU ITP. He was very engaged, came up with very original creative ideas, we diligent in his assignments, and a pleasure to work with. He would be an asset to any firm that hires him and would be a valuable addition to any team and would be generous in his contribution to any effort. He exhibits a good energy and is very original.

Eli Kuslansky, Owner, Unified Field

It’s been a pleasure studying along with David at the Interactive Telecommunications Program. I find his work to be thought provoking and executed with fine precision. His photographs bring a fresh perspective on seemingly everyday routine. Besides being able to complete projects, he is careful to create detailed document of his process for others to learn from. I have the utmost confidence, David will work well in any type of work environment.

Robert Moon, User Experience/Information Architect, Saatchi & Saatchi

Has great knowledge of technology industry trends and has great ability to advise and co-create on projects in this area.

Hatti Lim, Interaction Designer, R/GA